As of version 1.2.0 of the EZ Data WordPress Plugin you can now create EZ Data Events, which are triggered by visitors using your site.

ez data events dashboard

What are EZ Data Events?

EZ Data Events are events that get triggered by visitors on your website. Once it is triggered, you can send specified data to a group on EZ Data for analysis in your Data Dashboard.

What are Triggers?

Triggers are the event trigger that initiate the data being sent to EZ Data. For example if you have Easy Digital Downloads you may want to fire a trigger when someone adds something to their cart. You would use the EDD Post Add To Cart trigger.

Callbacks / Data For Select

When a trigger is initiated by a visitor you can set which data actually gets sent to each field for your group. We call this the callback.

Remember value, misc_one, and misc_two all need to be numbers, while misc_three and misc_four can be any data passed in. This is important to take note of since you may want to do math equations for analysis, which can only be done with number type data.

Creating a New EZ Data Event

Creating a new EZ Data Event is easy, make sure you have the EZ Data WordPress Plugin installed and activated before continuing.

Enter the EZ Data Events MenuYou will see Create Event enter the Group ID (found in your data dashboard under “Groups”) and select the trigger you want to fire the event onSelect which data you want to send to each field of your data item

 Enter the EZ Data Events Dashboard EZ Data Events - Admin
Enter your Group IP (found in your data dashboard) and the trigger New Data Events
 Select what data you want sent to EZ Data for analysis Data Events Callbacks