Caldera Forms

Caldera Forms is one of the most popular WordPress form builder plugins, free to use with so much packed in and a great selection of premium add-ons, it is a great way to get forms on your website.

Forms are great way to have visitors communicate with you, but most businesses need these forms to keep their business going, whether it so to help close with the sales process, or with support.

EZ Data Caldera Forms Processor

With the EZ Data WordPress plugin you now can easily add data to your group through Caldera Forms.

To setup the EZ Data Processor

  1. Create or edit a form
  2. Click “Processors” in the top navigation
  3. Click “Add Processor” and use the “EZ Data” Process
    Caldera Forms Data
  4. The only thing required is the Group ID field, make sure it matches the ID found in your EZ Data web app
  5. The rest of the fields can be filled out using magic fields your form

Data Caldera Forms

Sample Data Analysis

Once you have data going into EZ Data it is easy to start analyzing it. If any of the fields are numeric (numbers) totaling and comparing that to a specific field value is an easy way to get some data for your specific business. Here are some ideas for that may work more broadly.

Using a value of 1 is an easy way to look at data where you just want a total of submissions, since each submission is “value” of 1.

  • Using a value of 1 and the name of the form in misc_three you can see which forms are performing the best by analyzing the “Total of Value grouped by Misc_Three” and use the pie chart to see quickly which form is the most used.
  • Using a value of 1 again, and no other data, you can easily analyze when by date or month a form is most used. “Total of Value grouped by Date” and use a line graph to see a line of submissions by date.


Caldera forms has maybe great add-ons, if you want to create a simple poll you can do so with a form that has a select or radio field. This would again use the 1 as the value and setting the radio or select as misc_three using magic fields.
“Total of value grouped by misc_three” – using a bar graph or pie chat will let you see which option gets the most responses

Tip: Use a text input field instead of a select or radio to allow users to input their own data, however be prepared for duplicates for typos.