A group spreadsheet is a view for looking at your group’s data. Using the same tech, DataTables, you are able to view and filter all the data items that have come in associated to your group.

Group Spreadsheet – View

To get to the spreadsheet log into your data dashboard and click on “groups”, you will see a new icon for each groupgroup spreadsheet click

Filter Spreadsheet Data

The spreadsheet has filters and searches built in so you can quickly find data that you are looking for.

Column Filter – Turn Columns On & OFF

With the column filter (dropdown select) you can turn on and off columns so you have only your most important data in front of you.

group spreadsheet column filter

Global Filter – A Global Search

At the top of the spreadsheet you will a quick way to search through all of your data with a string. In the example below I wanted to find the 1 row I knew had a value of 50.

group spreadsheet global filter

Download to CSV

With the spreadsheet module you can also download all your group’s data to a CSV so you can bring it into excel or other programs. It is your data, so offering you a way to download it was important to us.

group spreadsheet csv