Group Data

Groups are the way item data is associated together, and allows for quick analysis of your data.

Create a Group

  1. Log into the EZ Data App
  2. In the left navigation click “Groups”
  3. Click the at the top to quickly create a new group

Once a group is create the name will appear on the page, click on the name to go into the group detail page.

Misc Data

Misc data or anything labeled prefixed with misc_ is miscellaneous data that you can use for your data.

One of the first things you want to do if you are planning on using misc_one through misc_four is label them so you can quickly see what they are.

Example: If you wanted to see how well your products are selling, “value” may be the sold amount and misc_three may be the title of the product. This will help you analyze your best selling products, or best selling per month.

Modifying Group & Misc Labels

Once you know what your group data will be used to track, it will be important to edit the description and labels for quick analysis. Click the “edit” link at the top to open the group edit screen, this will allow you to edit the name of the group, description, and your custom labels for misc_ data.

Next Steps

Now that you have your group set up, its time to start sending items