With questions we wanted to make the process of data analysis as SIMPLE as possible, offering you questions you may already be asking, or questions you should be asking.

Data Analysis Question

Data Analysis Questions

Questions work in a similar way to Graphs and Data Tables however they focus on more broad questions, then output the data into graph types. Just like the other two ways to analyze your data, your group should already be set up so that the question has a data set to use to answer your question.


Pick Question

The first step the question you want to ask of your data. These are sorted and filterable by the type of question. Each box shows you the question as well as what kind of data is being used. If you do not have your group set up yet, this will be a good time to look at what question you want answered and setup a group with the proper data.

Choose A Group & Data

Once you’ve selected your question, choose the group for the data. Our app will take the data from that group to answer your question.

Once you’ve selected your group, the next step is to setup the actual data of that group.
For example, if you are looking to see which product is most added to the cart, in this step you will let the app know which field you have as the product.

Choose Output & Misc.

Data Analysis Question Output

Once you have setup your group and data, you will want to figure out how to want your answer to be displayed.

Don’t worry, we’ll be adding new ways to displaying your answers soon!

Step 5 is any miscellaneous data we may need from you to help you best analyze your question. For example, if you only want a specific date range for your answer (1 year, 6 months, 3 months), we can do that.