Introducing Data Analysis Questions – You ask, EZ Data Answers

In the quest to make business data analysis as simple as possible, we have introduced a new way to analyze your data. Business data analysis is very important, so we want to make it as easy as possible.

Data Analysis Questions

Questions, there is never a dumb one, and if you aren’t asking them you aren’t learning, right? This is the approach we wanted to talk to our data analysis questions.

Data Analysis Questions

Predicting Your Business Needs

Instead of having you come up with a more complex sentence, like our graphs and tables, we wanted to simplify how you look at data analysis to quickly learn how your website is doing and how people are interacting with it. Data Analysis Questions are a way for us to showcase what EZ Data can do, and with just a few clicks, you can have them answered.

Types of Questions

Right now we are focusing on 2 types of questions as you can see from the screenshot above, commerce, and support. We will eventually offer more questions to be asked, in the meantime make sure to look over our graphs and tables to get the business data analysis you may need.

Easy Digital Downloads

Since we already have our WordPress plugin integrated with Easy Digital Downloads it is easy to to start there. Knowing how potential & paid customers work with your website is vital to help your grow your online store. Comparing which Product (or variation) is most added to the cart to how many of each product have I sold,  can quickly show you if the product that most people add to cart, ends up getting purchased, and that is business intelligence.

Asking a Question

Asking a question is also easy, and we are trying to further improve this process. You will need to have already setup a group, and sent some data to it using our WordPress plugin. Remember we can’t analyze data that we don’t have yet.

Once you have your group in place, just log into your EZ Data Dashboard and under Data Analysis you will see our new Questions type.

Answering Questions

The answer to every question is displayed in a couple different ways, just like our existing data analysis models.

Data Analysis Question Answer

While we are currently working on new ways to display data, currently we offer bar graphs and pie charts to answer your question

Data Analysis Question Answer

Once a question has been answered with a graph, just like any other data analysis we offer, keep on checking back and see as the graph may change, as data gets added to your group.

Do You Have a Question?

All suggestions will be considered as we improve our data analysis systems.

Let us know how we can help you grow your business with better data intelligence

  • What do you want to know from your Easy Digital Downloads Data?
  • What question do you have about your customers?

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