Introducing Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) is one of the best WordPress plugins for e-commerce. It has a main focus on allowing you to create a store on your site that sells digital goods (unlike WooCommerce which focuses on physical goods). It really is good plugin that we highly recommend using for selling of digital products including WordPress themes and WordPress plugins.

EZ Data Events

With version 1.2.0 of our EZ Data WordPress plugin we introduced EZ Data Events. EZ Data Events are an easy way to integrate data gathering into your site, all controlled via the WordPress admin dashboard.

ez data events dashboard

Originally built as the “EDD App” this will become the main way to add data gathering quickly and easily to your site as we continue to add new plugin integration

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

We unveiled EZ Data Events with EDD integration. Easy Digital Downloads was a clear top pick for our second plugin integration and we knew we had to make it as easy as possible to gather the data you would need. We are launching with version 1.2.3 of our WordPress plugin and offering 2 event triggers to gather data.

Add To Cart

Knowing which downloads people are most likely to add to cart is a huge incentive to push that product with sales, front page promotion, etc. It is also a good way to start further analysis like is the product at is most added to the cart, also the most purchased?

The event trigger offers a few callbacks (data) that can be sent to EZ Data to be viewed in your data dashboard.

  • Download ID – The ID of the item added to the cart
  • Download Price – The price of the item added to the cart
  • Download Option – The option (if variable) ID added to the cart
  • Download Option Name – The option (if variable) name added to the cart

Completed Purchase

The second half of the cart business data is knowing when someone has made a purchase via Easy Digital Downloads.

This event triggers offers a few callbacks of its own:

  • Payment ID – The ID of the payment (order)
  • Downloads Purchased – An array of IDs of the downloads purchased
  • Purchase Total – What was the total spent

Not done with EDD

We aren’t done adding new event triggers for you to track data across your site with Easy Digital Downloads. We will be adding new ways to easily configure events so that you can gather useful business data.

Analysis is the next hurdle for us, and we are thinking of taking a new approach to offer a unique way for Easy Digital Downloads, as well as all future e-commerce integrations. While we come up with that new solution for data analysis, we are curious what you want, and what questions you may have about your Easy Digital Downloads customer interactions.

What analysis do you want?

Now that we have integration with Easy Digital Downloads, getting data to EZ Data is only going to become easier, I’m curious how we can improve the data analysis part of EZ Data. So question for you:

What questions do you have about your EDD Customers, Payments, Site?


  • What is my most profitable item?
  • Which customer purchased the most this week/month/year?
  • Which item is added to the cart the most?
  • Which item is most purchased with other products, which secondary item is most common?

Let us know how we can help you grow your business with better data intelligence

  • What do you want to know from your Easy Digital Downloads Data?
  • What question do you have about your customers?

Free To Start

EZ Data Events

Have a site running Easy Digital Downloads? Get started today with a FREE ACCOUNT. Our free subscription level gives you 1 group so you can start sending and analyzing data right away. As you grow and need more intelligence upgrade to get access to more groups,


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