When is Google Analytics Not the Best for Your Business Data

Business data analysis is important in the ongoing growth of any business. If you are running your business’s website with WordPress you are most likely have Facebook/Social integration and Google Analytics. While there are other ways to share and get page analytics, those are the two most popular choices.

Why Business Data is Necessary

Facebook / Social and Google Analytics are not bad options for tracking how people use, and interact with your website. The more business data you have as an owner the better you can make informed decisions. Better decisions based on actual data means a higher chance of seeing an increase in profits.

Better Business Data Intelligence = Better Business Decisions

I will eventually write a more in detail article about why data gathering, especially when it comes to e-commerce and custom data is highly important. For now just think about it this way.

When you make ANY decision in life that can affect your life moving forward, you weigh out options. Some people create a pros vs. cons list, while others will get much more technical. This is using what data you have in your brain (and maybe with the help of others) analyze in some form that makes sense. Once you have the analysis done you make your decision.

Business decisions aren’t any different. The more data you have based on the customers you make money from the better, period. That data can be analyzed to make better business decisions to help increase profits (doesn’t always mean more sales).

Your Business, Your Business Data

Google Analytics is an amazing free tool. I use it on every single website I load up, even the silly ones. It is a few lines of code to give you a very large amount of data, which is fantastic. However as an entrepreneur wearing multiple hats, you don’t have the time / energy to learn Google Analytics deeply.

Overly Complex

In order to keep you interested enough and coming back, they give you the most high level data as you click around. It is not until you get into the advanced functionality that you get better business data insights into more granular knowledge of how potential customers use your website.

I consider myself a pretty smart person, I can learn how things work and how to use things, especially tech or online. While I do not have a very strong need to know every single feature of Google Analytics, I find myself constantly lost in the pages and menus as to what I should look for. I spend a lot of time looking at the same few pages (Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels), just so I can get a good feeling for how much traffic my site has and where it came from. I spend about 90% of my time on this one page and its children (referral sites, keywords, etc.). There is A LOT of data that I could be looking at to make more informed business decisions.

I wish there was just a better way to see the data I need / want. I’m even positive there is a way to customize the dashboard so it would show that data, but for me, I need to be able to do it quickly and move on, and without spending hours learning, it won’t happen.

Custom Business Data

One of the things I’ve always hated about Google Analytics is that while it is great at tracking stuff out of the box, once there is very custom workflows or custom data I want to track, it becomes a lot harder. And it isn’t necessarily the data collection but the data analysis that becomes more tricky. Google Analytics doesn’t make it too hard to quickly send a custom object with custom data from your site, but it does make it harder to find how to analyze that data.

Custom Data = Custom Development

Google Analytics Custom Data

The hardest part of the custom data gathering with Google Analytics, is that it requires you to write custom code and make sure its firing properly. Because it is done JavaScript when working with WordPress it adds another layer of complexity if I want to make sure to fire the event with something like a add_action callback.

Simplify Business Data Analysis

Do not get rid of Google Analytics it is a great tool, I have it open in a tab myself. In certain scenarios when you need business data intelligence to make an informed decision about your business, it may not be not be the right fit for you or your WordPress business.

For the reasons above we created EZData.io. There are other options and WordPress plugins to help you wrangle the data you need for your business. However, we are working to make our platform the easiest and most robust, without being overly complex.

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