A new way to look at your data

Introducing Group Spreadsheet, a new way to look at your data.

Why Group Spreadsheet?

While our main focus will be data analysis we also think it is important that you can easily view the data coming in for each group you have. Not just that, it needs to work like you would with data in Google Docs, or Microsoft Excel.

group spreadsheet

Being able to easily see all the of the data, and sort through it will make it easier to do quick data analysis before setting up a new graph or table to analyze things for you. Having a filterable spreadsheet is a great way to test out hypotheses of your data before analyzing it so specifically.

For example with the example in the screenshot above, I may want to know how many times a value is 50, or the label contains “again”. Of that I can get a good rough estimate for that sample size, then create a graph or chart for ongoing analysis.

Download to CSV

Another important aspect of data analysis is that you should be able to download your data and send it anywhere you like, or further manipulate it and analyze it in a program like Microsoft Excel.

group spreadsheet csv

With the download to CSV button available on the spreadsheet you can quickly export the data to a CSV locally and do further analysis or share with other people.


Luckily the group spreadsheet does not need to be turned on or configured, it is setup for you for any group you have.

group spreadsheet click

With a click from the Groups page in your data dashboard you can open up your group’s spreadsheet and start looking at the data.

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