Introducing EZ Data

Today I launched EZ Data, this random project I used a case study to learn Ben Moore’s WAR API Framework. It really has a long way to go to be super polished, but as a developer I am just happy it works.

What is EZ Data?

Put simply, the mission is to make getting and analyzing data for your business as easy as possible.

  1. Create a Group
  2. Send data associated to that group
  3. Analyze that group data with charts & graphs right from EZ Data

Read more about it on the “What is EZ Data?” page.

WAR Framework

The W-A-R Framework is the brainchild of Ben Moore. I met Ben while at LoopConf 2.1 in Salt Lake City and we quickly started talking about our mutual love and respect for Angular. He told me he was working on a framework for an internal project that he had a need for, and told me all about WAR. His framework was both a backend way to change the way someone would develop for the WordPress REST API, and an awesome Angular 1.x built front end.

I decided to give it a shot, and cloned the WAR plugin to use for a new fake use case, EZ Data. The great thing about the WAR framework is that it took a new approach to building applications with the WordPress REST API. With WAR you focus on a data-model first creation of the API. Once you have the model down, you can do more customization, but out of the box, it handles most of what one may need in the context of data.

PS – WAR stands for WordPress, Angular, and REST. Read more about it on BMO’s GitHub War Wiki

Fun turned need

I was reworking on my podcast site, The WP Crowd, when I wanted to add small chunks of data to answer questions I had about how visitors were looking through the site. It was at this point I realized I could go the Google Analytics way, and setup a custom parameter and campaign, and throw in some custom (and annoying) GA code to track it all. I could probably also have used the Analytics interface by itself to look at the data and try to analyze, I just wanted something much simpler.

The next step was to look at all data and see how I could answer a simple question that would apply to any data that I may have to input. So I cam up with the question What is the total of X as compared to Y and that became how I could graph any piece of data.

Work in progress, don’t mind the dust

There is a lot more to this fun project I want to do to have it grow. I just figured, if I saw a need for it, maybe someone else will too. The main thing I want to focus on next is getting integrated with as many WordPress plugins as I can. As I add integration to more plugins, seeing if other people have a need will be a big deal.

I can use your help though

Just let me know you think its a cool idea, and what you could see using it for. Find a good use case and I’ll write or let you guest blog about it on the site, this way more people see the potential of EZ Data!


Please help me beta test this thing, for a limited time any subscription is 100% free with coupon code – apexbeta



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